Monday, 3 June 2013

Bank Holiday Monday

I have two sick cranky kiddos on my hands today, one due to teething and the other due to horrible sleeping patterns the last few nights.  Though my little hams were able to muster up a smile once they saw the camera!
 they love each other so much!
Scout is making sure Aoife doesn't get in the picture!

I hope my babies feel better soon and we have the most lazy monday ever!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Lazy Sundays

Doors open, Scout next to me playing and babbling away, Aoife outside riding her bike and laughing with all her friends, is there anything better then lazy sundays? 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

first time.....

Today was suppose to be a day of picnics and fun filled day at the park, sadly, the Irish weather had different plans, but for the 30 minutes we did have there, we had a lot of fun! 

Scout got to go on her first swing ride and loved every second of it!  She was so tiny in it that she was able to literally able to lean back put her feet up and enjoy the ride.  I think it helped that there was another baby next to her that she could  babble with. 

I wish I could have gotten some shots of Aoife but she was too busy building castles in the sand pit.   I wish we could have stayed longer but due to the rain we headed home early, which I think was a bit of a blessing as we had a great family nap time and my two girls were playing and snuggling each other all day.  I have the best girls ever!

Today also marks 7 months since giving birth to my beautiful Scout!  Its funny that her name has changed so much during her short time here.  first she was Haley, then Abella, then we decided on Gabriella Scout Darlene for her name.  Though the older she gets, the more I think about my grandma and she really loved the name Scout, so I decided to just call her Scout. 

Happy 7 months Scout!  I love you so much and cannot believe how amazing and special and loved you are!  You have family in Ireland, England, United States and Germany who love you (and your sister) so much. You are so funny!  I love waking up to your smiling face every morning, I love the way your eyes wonder when I nurse you, that cute little laugh you do when you are really excited and most importantly the special bond you have with your sister. 

These seven months have flown by and I only have five more until your birthday.  I promise to take my time with these five months and just enjoy every small detail because I know that many changes are coming to you and I cannot wait to experience them with you! 

Monday, 6 May 2013

A New Begining

A friend of mine bought to my attention a may photo challenge and I was so excited to get it done! 
 Day one was something i bought so I decided to take a picture of my beautiful KnitPro cubics 25cm rosewood straight needles.  I love these needles!  Though they are a bit more expensive then others, they are a lifetime purchase and mark my words something I will save to pass down to my grand children when I teach them to knit. 
day two was morning ritual, and every morning my day starts with these two beauties!  Its hard to get out of bed sometimes as all I want to do is stay in bed with them and snuggle!
 day three was this is really good.  Here is Scout enjoying her first pancake!  She loved it so much. 
 day four is in my cup and this afternoon I am enjoying yummy chai tea with some milk.  I love everything about chai tea from the smell that fills the house to the fact that I can enjoy it either pipping hot or cold. 

 Day six somehow got above day five, but its topic was broken, and its a heart.  Recently a lot of things have happened to me that has left me feeling heart broken, but may is the month for turning over a new leaf and in the end I know i will come out on top! 
Day five was paper and here is an incert from a letter Aoife wrote to her penpal, I love how amazing my daughter is.  She is my main reason to smile. 

Like I said a lot of things have happened recently that have left me feeling less then a human being and more of a robot on auto go.  I need to figure out who I am again and take steps in the right direction.  I'm not sure how to do this but I know it will involve lots of snuggles from my beauties, chai tea, knitting, punk/emo music, lots of writing and maybe the purchase of an ebook. 

Happy May all, I hope yours is as productive as I hope mine will be!
<3 Keri

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Too much to do too little time to do it in

Last night I stayed up way too late working on my first original amigurumi project.  I got the head, nose, and ears done.  I just need to figure out how to attach hair to the head..  It also dawned on me that I have been working on my daughters cardigan for ages and should probably finish it before starting a new project. 

I hope to finish this this weekend as all I have to do is work on the sleeves, and one is already 3/4ths of the way done, so I should be able too, though its so hard to do anything when all I want to do is hold this little one! 

Friday, 8 February 2013

A First for Many

This is my first post ever, also I am attempting to create my own Amigurumi pattern for my 3 month old daughter, Gabriella. 

Earlier in the week I made this bib for her.  I love how its such a blank canvas that you can add anything to.