Saturday, 1 June 2013

first time.....

Today was suppose to be a day of picnics and fun filled day at the park, sadly, the Irish weather had different plans, but for the 30 minutes we did have there, we had a lot of fun! 

Scout got to go on her first swing ride and loved every second of it!  She was so tiny in it that she was able to literally able to lean back put her feet up and enjoy the ride.  I think it helped that there was another baby next to her that she could  babble with. 

I wish I could have gotten some shots of Aoife but she was too busy building castles in the sand pit.   I wish we could have stayed longer but due to the rain we headed home early, which I think was a bit of a blessing as we had a great family nap time and my two girls were playing and snuggling each other all day.  I have the best girls ever!

Today also marks 7 months since giving birth to my beautiful Scout!  Its funny that her name has changed so much during her short time here.  first she was Haley, then Abella, then we decided on Gabriella Scout Darlene for her name.  Though the older she gets, the more I think about my grandma and she really loved the name Scout, so I decided to just call her Scout. 

Happy 7 months Scout!  I love you so much and cannot believe how amazing and special and loved you are!  You have family in Ireland, England, United States and Germany who love you (and your sister) so much. You are so funny!  I love waking up to your smiling face every morning, I love the way your eyes wonder when I nurse you, that cute little laugh you do when you are really excited and most importantly the special bond you have with your sister. 

These seven months have flown by and I only have five more until your birthday.  I promise to take my time with these five months and just enjoy every small detail because I know that many changes are coming to you and I cannot wait to experience them with you! 

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